You already have a smart phone and a tablet, right?

Good. You're half way there to launching your Zülubiz. You and almost everyone you know is using their mobile device to do everything they do every day. Zülubiz takes what you already have at the tip of your fingers or in your purse to the next level. Best of all, it's simple and easy and everyone can get involved and have fun. You can do this! If you can use Facebook then you can use Zülubiz. Yes, that simple.

Ready? In one little sentence, here is what we do at Zülubiz.




Zülubiz is not another website. We didn't say that. Websites came first. They were great. Zülubiz is what comes next. You want to be ahead of the curve don't you?

In today's mobile search and buy world, businesses and people need more than a website to get customers or promote themselves or their services.

You see, the problem is local businesses and local shoppers can't find each other.

With Zülubiz, everything people see on their smartphone or iPad is clean and clear. You see how simple and easy this is? And you’re already holding your new business in your hand on your smart phone where you can’t stop texting.

Zülubiz is a very low cost easy DIY online platform designed to instantly create powerful optimized storefronts that capture mobile shoppers.

It’s a fact that businesses optimized for mobile devices saw an 84% increase in sales. How much of this would you like?

And it’s simple and easy. Anyone can do this. Everyone needs this

You're going to build your own Zülubiz platform so it's exactly what you want. It's as easy as Facebook and you just follow some easy instructions. You can do this.



Zülubiz.com Mobile Marketing Platform

Zülubiz.com is a leading cloud software service for creating, publishing, monetizing and managing cross-platform mobile sites.

From our online DIY service, to our custom web design and project management services, to our extensive private label partner programs, Zülubiz.com delivers tangible, measurable and sustainable business value for our customers and partners worldwide. We recognize that the most important competitive advantage our customers have, from the smallest organizations to the largest enterprises, lies within the ability to always innovate and meet the expectations of customers.

Zülubiz offers solutions that span business needs and provide desired mobile end user experiences. Experience professional and engaging end user results with Zülubiz.com mobile marketing platforms designed to be just right for your business and needs, incorporating the features you and your customers demand. So, Zülubiz's mobile marketing platform offers on-demand products and a business model that is fully aligned with the business goals of our customers:

  • Mobile web customization that maintains brand and competitive advantage.
  • Leading on-demand mobile platform that optimizes mobile strategies and revenue.
  • Unlimited site publishing across all geographies, networks, operating systems and devices.
  • Powerful partner program that generates high margins, provides access to our community and professional resources.
  • Stable, solid and reliable cloud solution with 99.75% availability and massive scalability.

One of the hardest things to do in any industry is to take something complex and make it simple. Zülubiz.com began with a vision to make it FAST, EASY and INEXPENSIVE for organizations to mobilize brands, content, commerce and advertising with a cloud-based platform model.

We saw the need for a solution that covered three main classes of users:

  • Do It Yourself (DIY): customers, who design, publish and manage all mobile services “in-house.”
  • Do It For Me (DIFM): customers who rely on the Zülubiz.com team to design and implement mobile sites and services and then either manage day to day operations in-house or engage us to provide all mobile content and marketing services.
  • For our Members: We give you free sales tools that instantly identify businesses that are not mobile friendly. We do the work for you. You just walk into the business and let them know they have to join the future. And these tools are free.
  • Behind the Scenes: We have a dedicated team of experts working around the clock working on your search engine optimization and again its free.
  • Dedicated E-Mail Support: Have questions? If you send us a question or problem in an email, our dedicated support team will promptly respond outlining a solution for you.
  • Consultation Services: Thinking about your next project? How to implement mobile in your portfolio of services? How to drive more revenue by addressing the demands of your customers wanting mobile solutions? Would you like some design advice? Contact Zülubiz.com and schedule a consultation.

Extend your reach to billions by having a mobile presence.

Improve your business brand with an optimized, easy to use, and attractive mobile website. With Zülubiz.com, your mobile website is published on all phone platforms (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone). With all the tools you need from one platform, making a mobile website has never been so simple.

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